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How does concrete lifting work?

Mudjacking is the fastest way to repair any type of concrete.




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The newest concrete repair method

If you’re noticing cracking, settled, or uneven concrete you have a couple of options. You can either completely replace the concrete or you can use the Mudjacking process.

Mudjacking repairs involve drilling a hole or a series of small holes into the concrete that needs to be lifted. A slurry is injected into the holes, resulting in a hydraulic effect that allows the concrete slab to be raised to the desired level. The drilled holes are filled with a concrete patch material to complete the process. The patch material hardens, permanently repairing the damaged concrete and is impervious to water.

The slurry ingredients often vary for different companies, but Great Lakes Pumping Concrete only uses crushed stone to lift your slabs, making it the “greenest” option available.

Great benefits for you

Anything that saves you time or money is a great thing. Concrete lifting repairs do both. Generally, mudjacking costs less than one-fourth the cost of a full concrete replacement!

The process is also completed faster; since the old concrete is not replaced there is no damage to your landscaping. Concrete lifting is also completed in less than one day. In addition, you can walk on your concrete immediately after the repair. No waiting for wet concrete to dry!

Great Lakes Concrete Pumping values convenience for our customers – all of your work will be done in a clean, safe manner, inside or out.

If you have a concrete issue, big or small, call us today!


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